Drama Llamas


Drama Llamas is a narrative driven TTRPG about reality TV competitions. Easy to plan and easy to play, the game contains everything you need to create (or recreate) the reality franchise of your dreams. The game is packed with genre tropes and chaos-generating mechanics, all with an absurdist, llama-flavoured twist.

Play as cast of fame-hungry llamas eager to grab the spotlight and snatch the big prize. You'll complete challenges, create drama, form alliances, sabotage your fellow contestants, and expose your deepest darkest secrets. Keep an eye on your drama score, though - toxic llamas never prosper!

Gameplay: this is a d6 based, GM-led system ideal for 3-5 players plus a GM. The game is 90% role play, 10% strategy, 0% combat (unless the drama gets really out of hand!) Drama Llamas is playable as a one-shot, but makes an even better short campaign of 4-6 games or "episodes".

The aim of the game is to steer your llama to victory by competing in challenges and generating drama with your fellow contestants. Each game session is structured like an episode of a real show, with confessional interviews, a host giving out challenges and guest judges commenting on your efforts. Challenge wins are decided by rolls, which are heavily modified by the choices your llama has made while interacting with their competitors and co-stars.

Create Drama! Perhaps you formed an alliance with some fellow players in exchange for a boost to your roll? Perhaps you spent your time sabotaging your biggest competition? Will you get the Villain Edit or be the Breakout Star? It's all to play for!

Get Involved! For Drama Llamas the GM takes on the role of The Producer, a character in the story who can directly intervene to manipulate events on screen and create the best, most outrageous show possible.